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Pallet racking is a material handling storage system to store material on pallets or skids. Although there are different types of pallet
racks, all pallet racks serve same functions as to store palletized materials in multiple levels.

We carry different types of pallet racks including Teardrop, Keystone, Ridge U, Sturdibuilt and others with supported beams and
wire decks in different  size and colors.
Top reasons to buy used pallet racks.

(1) New pallet racks cost too much (60% to 70% higher) as compare to used one with almost same quality and same functions.
Used pallet racks last as long as new.
(2) New pallet racks are generally not always ready to ship or pickup. It takes minimum of 3 to 8 weeks to manufacture and ship
the orders. While you can get used pallet racks  are always ready to ship of pick up in 1 to 2 weeks depending upon the order
Pallet Rack
Pallet Rack
Pallet Rack
Pallet Rack
Most common pallet rack types.
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Followings are the examples of the most common standard and over sized pallet storage systems
Pallet rack system with 2 standard pallet storage per shelves
Pallet rack system with 2 over sized pallet storage per shelves
Pallet rack system with 3 standard size pallet storage per shelves
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